NFA Weapons

NFA Weapons are weapons that will function in Fully Automatic mode.  They require ATF paperwork and approval to own or possess.  We are a class II dealer, therefore we can legally sell and or transfer these types of weapons.

We have a few NFA weapons for sale, they will listed below shortly.  The buy now feature is not an option for these weapons, as there are certain requirements for purchasing them.  If you would like to purchase any of these items, please call us at 918-666-2788 and we can discuss the matter. Or, if you have some you would like to sell, we also purchase NFA weapons either from individuals or from other businesses such as ours.

We also have 2 full time gunsmiths that are both well qualified to work on these and any type of firearm.  However, we will not buy/sell/transfer or work on any full auto that doesn't have the proper paperwork, so don't ask.  Thanks!






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